About Us

SmashPad got its start as a commentary supplement to Gamer 2.0 (formerly Inside Gamer Online, which got bought over by an eSports publication brand called Amped News) founded by Amadeo Plaza and Anthony Perez.

Plaza and Perez recruited and built the staff under different brands, including Gaming-Nation, Inside Gamer Online, Amped IGO, Amped News, Gamer 2.0, and now SmashPad.

After struggling to get back on its feet as Gamer 2.0 continued to lose funding, the SmashPad blog eventually became the main outlet for the site’s editorial staff.

Now headed by senior staff Chris Selogy, Danreb Victorio, and Filippo Dinolfo, SmashPad has slowly but surely started to regain attention as a legitimate source in independent gaming journalism.

With an extremely talented staff of varying tastes and backgrounds, readers will find many of SmashPad’s opinions out of the ordinary. Their opinions may not be the most popular, but their skill in conveying opinions is unmatched, making their articles that much more welcoming to read.

SmashPad is commentary and opinion for all gamers.


Executive Desk

  • Chris Selogy | Managing Editor
  • Danreb Victorio | Managing Editor
  • Filippo Dinolfo | Senior Editor, UI Developer
  • Alex Quevedo | Senior Editor, Field
  • Patrick Mifflin | Senior Editor

Staff Writers

  • Josh Schwartzman | Staff
  • Ted Dedon | Staff, Features
  • Jordan Elek | Staff

Copy Desk

  • Andrew Giese | Copy Chief
  • Theresa Samons | Copy Editor, Commentary


  • Jonard La Rosa | UI/UX Artist
  • Leigh Lamb | Commentary
  • Christian Paraguya | Editorial
  • Brandon Perkins | Commentary
  • Jamie Rae | Editorial
  • Joe Rosa | Editorial


Have a passion for gaming? Can you type up your thoughts on this passion in ways that make sense? Then you just might be a great fit for SmashPad’s staff.

Take a look at the positions you can fill.

All first-time staff writers with no previous gaming journalism experience start out as a Contributor before becoming Staff Writers.  They’ll be under careful watch of the Executive Desk for constant improvement until they get a few bylines in and become fully-fledged staff writers.
Staff Writer
Staff Writers are the backbone of our content, as they write whatever they are assigned to write.
Copy Editor
Copy Editors are one of the most important members on our staff, as they’re the ones that keep our copy clean.  No article gets published on SmashPad without going through peer editing with a copy editor or two.
Social Media Specialist
While the Social Media Specialist probably won’t have too many bylines, they live and breathe SmashPad’s social networking culture, managing Facebook posts, tweets, and everything social media-related.
User Integration Specialist
We don’t have a lot of stuff on our page we don’t need.  Everything is to the point, and that’s what the UI Specialist is responsible for–making the site as easy to access as possible.  Are you a coder?  Do you like building websites?  Wanna work on a gaming site?  That’s what we need you for.

This is a purely volunteer gig, and nobody on the staff gets paid. There are, however, some rewards and great benefits to being a part of the staff, and it all depends on the work that you put in.

In addition to possible early review copies of the games you review, you’ll also instantly be a part of the gaming press, discovering, meeting, and networking with contacts of those in the industry. Many of our writers have gone and taken their talents to the next level by writing for such publications as GameSpot among others.

Send an e-mail to stating who you are, what current platforms you own and intend on writing for, as well as a sample piece up to 2,000 words long. Not everybody is taken right away, but those we see promise in will also be entered into our internship program where our writers can coach you up to become even better.