SmashPad’s Most Anticipated Games of 2017

1.) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch, Wii U)

“This was actually SmashPad’s #1 most anticipated game of 2016, and it didn’t make it. By default, it’s back up here and #1 again, and I don’t feel like I have to state why.” – Danreb Victorio

“I’ve made no attempt to hide the fact that my hype for this game pales in comparison to just about anyone else’s, largely due to my persistent apathy toward what you might call “Modern Zelda.” Still, to see Nintendo build a “Modern Zelda” title around the core concept of the original NES game that launched the franchise – which is essentially what Breath of the Wild is – I can’t bring myself to pass on this.” – Patrick Mifflin

“Zelda brings us back and holds down the Switch launch. Zelda is also one of my favorite franchises of all time.” – Christian Paraguya

“Take everything I love about oldschool Zelda, add 3d free-roaming, more mature storytelling, and amazing scenery from Monolith Soft…and I’m happy.” – Brandon Perkins

That concludes our 10 most anticipated games of 2017.  Do you agree with our list?  Do you think a number of these games won’t even make it to 2017?  Let us know in the comments!