4. Animal Crossing – Switch

“Call it a tired and predictable series, but I really enjoyed Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS and briefly played around with the mobile game here and there. I don’t know what they plan on doing with it, but Animal Crossing on the Switch has so much potential and it’ll be a surefire hit. I just hope it somehow is another series highlight that the Switch has been accustomed to putting out with other Nintendo franchises.” – Danreb Victorio

When they first announced this I was beyond excited to finally get another Animal Crossing title. While the mobile version seemed to have done well, let’s hope they bring a more New Leaf-esque game instead of the interior designer type (which, to be fair, wasn’t that bad). I fully expect this to be one of Nintendo’s biggest releases next year.” – Christian Paraguya

“This is what AC fans have been waiting for–granted, it’s not as long of a wait as Kingdom Hearts had. We haven’t seen a console release since 2008, so loads of people like me are super stoked to get their hands on a new Animal Crossing title. New bugs to catch, villagers to meet, and mortgages to pay to Tom Nook. I’m really looking forward to possible compatibility between handheld and mobile releases in the series.” – Theresa Samons, contributor