[E3 2017] The People’s Diary: Day 0

I kicked off my morning with the PC Gaming Show.

Despite what it looks like, SmashPad isn’t at the event in official capacity, and we haven’t been since 2010.  With E3 open to the public, we have three people in the area attending the event as well as other events in the surrounding area, and this feature is all about telling you what it’s like from “the public’s” perspective.

While I’m attending E3 primarily as a fan, I had a press conference to actually attend for once.

What do you do when you have time to kill in a new city? Get drunk.

I made my way to the PC Gaming Show, which was preceded by an Intel Press Conference to talk about the latest technology that PC game developers will have at their disposal in the coming year. There was definitely some interesting stuff here, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.  Highlights there included an Animal Crossing-like game Ooblets, an isometric Zelda-esque game called Tunic, and the hardcore shooter Lawbreakers, which will also be available on the PS4.

Shortly after it was over, I made my way to the Ubisoft Press Conference line where I was turned away.  I’ll get there one day.  Heard it was lit, with Miyamoto opening the show by talking a bit about his relationship as Ubisoft developed Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.  I ended up having lunch a few drinks before the next thing on the agenda, which was Sony’s Press Conference.

Sony was super hush about their press conference.  As I’ve mentioned on the Day 0 Update before, my day job is literally a stonesthrow away from PlayStation’s Foster City headquarters, and the employees I’ve spoken to there told me even they can’t go.  It was a common conversation I had with people I stood in various lines with, so it was good to know I wasn’t alone there.

Sony’s E3 Experience ended the evening.

That said, for the third year in a row I attended Sony’s E3 Experience, where you get to watch the press conference at a movie theater with other PlayStation fans.  It was weird, you’ll find out later than most of our staff hated Sony’s presser this year, but the strange thing was how Sony made interesting announcements in their pre-show.  Supermassive Games is working on sort of a successor to Until Dawn for casual co-op that’s built similarly to how the Jackbox games are, and even the likes of the PC cult-hit Undertale will be coming to both PS4 and Vita.  These are announcements worthy of adding to their presser, so I don’t see why they didn’t.

Along with that once, the press conference actually started, the first few trailers shown didn’t have sound, which was totally disappointing as they were the new Uncharted adventure and Days Gone, both games that will be generating quite a bit of hype.

After that, it was all about watching the Warriors win.  Sorry Chris.

Tomorrow, E3 officially starts, and like a whole lot of other people — I don’t know what to expect.