FanimeCon enjoys its Silver Anniversary

FanimeCon made its return to the San Jose Convention Center, once again turning the streets of Downtown San Jose into a hive of otaku and anime fans, and as a casual anime fan, it was a great time.

This year marked the 25th anniversary of the event, and the theming of Fanime this year was in celebration of its Silver Anniversary–an incredible milestone for this convention made for fans by fans.

As with any nerd-themed convention, the bulk of its attention went to its dealers hall, artists’ alley, panels, and of course cosplay.

The dealers’ hall and artists’ alley were run-of-the-mill sinks of cash, harping on your every emotion to just buy everything you see.  Personally, I’ve always preferred the Artists’ Alley at conventions such as these just because it’s great to see the style and unique interpretation the artists put into their pieces to sell.  From prints, to keychains, to charms, and to my favorites in stickers and enamel pins, it’s always a joy seeing every artist’s style.  I ended up buying a vinyl decal of Makoto from Persona 5 for my laptop.

This isn’t just your regular fan service booth. Take a closer look at what’s being sold.

Decals / skins that perfectly fit onto the Nintendo Switch?! What? Funky Garage was the only booth doing this at Fanime, and you can check out his product line at

The biggest panels took place offsite at the Fairmont Hotel, which is the perfect venue for such activity.  The biggest one I went to was FaniMania VI, an event hosted by the Cosplay Wrestling Federation, where participants/competitors cut pro wrestling-style promos in the hopes of winning the CWF Championship.  Prior to losing the belt to Skeletor, the reigning champion was Franziska von Karma of Ace Attorney fame.  As a wrestling fan myself, this was an absolutely hilarious experience.

Franziska von Karma while she’s still the CWF Champion.

But of course, the biggest feature everyone that enjoys FanimeCon attends for is the various cosplay you see.  If you thought San Diego Comic-Con was big for cosplay, it pales in comparison to Fanime, which features a whole lot more video game-related cosplay than you think, and once again, here are some of my favorites.  Apologies in advance for most of them being Zelda-related, as I was there shooting a Zelda Cosplay Gathering and missed the other ones due to other engagements.

That’s all we’ve got in my limited time with this year’s Fanime.  If you’re interested in attending next year, it always takes place in the San Jose Convention Center during Memorial Day Weekend.  For more information, check them out at

Our next on-location convention will be San Diego Comic-Con in July for its 50th Anniversary.