Filippo’s Top 7 Games of 2015

GOTY_Filippo Dinolfo

Hello again, Filippo here. This was a tough year for me. There were a lot of great games that came out, and only so much money to buy them with. That said, I think I got to play some good ones.

Coming up with the best games I’ve played this year wasn’t that hard. Ordering them into a numbered list was a bit harder. Especially choosing my number one. In the end, it came down to which game gave me more enjoyment, and the game I chose eked that out by a hair. So then, let’s get right down to it.


7. Transformers: Devastation – Xbox One, PS4, PS3, 360, PC

While Transformers Devastation may be a flawed game, its flaws aren’t game-breaking. If you grew up with Transformers, this game will remind you why you loved them.


6. Super Mario Maker – Wii U

I haven’t played many Wii U games this year, but I made a point to play Super Mario Maker. If you’ve ever played a Mario game and thought you could make your own cool levels if only you had the tools to do it, well now is your chance.


5. Forza Motorsport 6 – Xbox One

Forza 6 is easily the best racing game I’ve played all year. While the late addition of microtransactions did sour the milk a bit, the game itself is still a lot of fun to play.


4. Mortal Kombat X – Xbox One, PS4, PC

After the successful Mortal Kombat reboot, Netherrealm Studios had high expectations to live up to for the sequel. Thankfully Mortal Kombat X did not disappoint. With refined mechanics, excellent visuals, and a robust set of online features, MKX delivers a solid, complete package.


3. Rock Band 4 – Xbox One, PS4

It’s nice to see a great franchise return. Rock Band 4‘s show got off to a rocky start, but things have smoothed out since then. With the promise of regular and substantial updates to the game as time goes on, Rock Band 4 has a lot to like now, and more to like in the future.

Volume Banner

2. Volume – PS4, PS Vita, PC

The stealth genre of games has gotten a little too focused on action elements over the years. It’s great to see a game like Volume take the genre back to its roots, and do it in an elegant and minimalist style. This is a game about sneaking and stealing, and well worth your time.


1. Axiom Verge – PS4, PS Vita, PC

If you’ve ever wanted a new Metroid game, Axiom Verge is the closest you can get right now. It wears its inspiration on its sleeve, have no doubt, but that’s not a bad thing. Axiom Verge is a fantastic example of an auteur crafting a real work of art.

Honorable Mention: Rare Replay – Xbox One

Though all of the games in this collection have been around for years, and thus not eligible for GOTY, the entire package makes for a great value. There’s a lot of fun to be had with Rare Replay, and I just wanted to mention it.

That’s it for this year. I suspect that 2016 is going to be a great year for gaming. The release schedule is already stacked, and I already see a lot of games on it that I know I want to buy. I can’t wait!

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