“NX” REVEALED: Officially named Nintendo Switch

Nintendo just unveiled the above trailer a few minutes ago, confirming rumors about the platform being a hybrid of a home console and handheld system that uses game cards or cartridges as its main form media.

Appropriately named the Nintendo Switch, the trailer featured players sliding the sides of the device out, using them as separate controllers, using them as one controller similar to the Wii’s Nunchuck and remote, as well as using the tablet as a screen for portable gaming.


Wait… is that Skyrim?!

It also looks like separate Switch owners will be able to play with each other using their own screens for friends to watch as well.

In addition, a handful of games were shown, starting off with what was obviously The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a first-person adventure game where the player uses an axe–which we’re assuming to be Skyrim as Bethesda has a credit at the end, Mario Kart, NBA 2K, a new 3D Super Mario (with amiibo calmly in the background).

A four-player matchup of NBA 2K using two screens.

A four-player matchup of NBA 2K using two screens.

The Nintendo Switch is scheduled for a March 2017 release.  As expected, Nintendo’s official website is broken at the moment, so we’ll have more information as it comes out.