Day 0 Update #153 – Loot Cars

On this week’s show: Forza 7’s prize crates are kind of bumming me out. The never-ending stupidity of Shadow of War’s monetization continues. Plus Capcom announces Street Fighter V Arcade Edition. Pat has thoughts.

10/8/2017 Show Notes

  • Intro
  • What Are We Playing?
    • F: Forzas
    • P: Street Fighter V, NHL 18
    • B: Sakura Wars, FFxiv
  • The Shrapnel
  • Forza Motorsport 7 Discussion
    • The Game
      • Gameplay is still as great as ever.
      • Visuals are top notch.
      • Audio is fantastic, especially with headphones.
      • Specialty Dealer for rare cars.
      • Auction House makes its return.
      • Collecting Cars adds to credit bonuses.
    • The Prize Crates
      • Prize Crates spawn Mods
      • Mods Spawn XP and Credit Bonus
      • Credit Bonuses Lead to better Mods
      • Difficulty Bonus? Gone.
  • Shadow of War’s true ending locked behind a grind
    • This just keeps getting better and better.
  • Capcom announces Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
    • $39.99, January 16th
    • Free update for existing SFV owners
    • Retail package includes all season 1 and 2 characters
    • Arcade and Extra Battle modes added
      • Initial Arcade Mode screens fuel Sagat speculation.
    • New V-Triggers coming, no word yet on implementation
    • “Arcade Edition” probably refers to the new Taito/Steam version just announced
    • The new character select screen really smacks of Street Fighter EX.
    • P: Not a fan of that new Vs screen, though…

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