Day 0 Update #164 – SmashPad’s 2017 In Review

On this episode of the show: Executive Editor Danreb Victorio takes over hosting duties to take us on a trip back through the year 2017. We cover our Game of the Year nominations, then go through the hot topics of the year. It’s a very involved show, so make some cocoa, sit back, and relax!

12/31/2017 Show Notes


  • Discussion of how SmashPad’s GOTY Process Works
  • Housekeeping

Stats Stuff

  • Games in Top 10 with the most nominations (7)
    • Horizon: Zero Dawn
    • Sonic Mania
  • Games in Top 10 with least nominations (2)
    • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
    • Tekken 7
  • Games unique to individual lists but didn’t make the top 10
    • Everybody who’s participating can talk about maximum of two games that deserve some spotlight
  • The Big 3 and their 2017
    • Sony
    • Microsoft
    • Nintendo
  • Biggest News of 2017
    • Nintendo Switch?
    • PUBG’s success?
    • Loot Boxes and Microtransactions

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