Day 0 Update #193 – Walking The Eight Paths

Day 0 Update #193 – Walking The Eight Paths
Day 0 Update

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On this episode of the show: Octopath Traveller is out. We discuss the game’s characters, themes, and what it could mean for JRPGs as a whole. WARNING: Here there be spoilers!

7/22/2018 Walking The Eight Paths

  • Intro
  • The Octopath Show – Here There Be Spoilers
    • P: Huh…maybe this is a prototype for that other show we never got around to…
  • Where are we each at in the game?
    • P: Chapter 3 done, just finished Therion Chapter 4.
    • B: In the middle of Chapter 2.
  • The characters and themes
    • Ophilia – The meaning of family, and when a loved one gets sucked into a cult
    • Cyrus – Knowledge and its uses, scientific ethics
    • Therion – How betrayal can be a defining influence in one’s life for years
    • Olberic – Not the straightforward revenge story it looks like at first
    • Primrose – Straightforward revenge story co-starring the world’s oldest profession
    • Alfyn – Medical ethics, “big pharma”, one good case against the Hippocratic Oath
      • “Some lives just aren’t worth saving.” -Ogen
    • Tressa – Finding value in things that don’t immediately display it.
    • H’annit – The story does somewhat give way here to a long-term monster hunt.
  • Battle System Shenanigans
    • Magic in general, and Cyrus in particular, is OP.
      • Have a Merchant feeding him BP for extra yahoos.
    • Setting up “hissatsu” attacks with Olberic.
      • Buffs and debuffs matter in this game.
      • P: So far, playing my cards right, I dealt over 32K on a ch3 boss in one hit.
      • Olberic + Thief is a pretty damn self-efficient killing machine.
    • “Steal SP” is, at absolute minimum, essentially a free knife double-hit for thieves.
  • The unavoidable Final Fantasy VI comparison
    • FFVI had balls for taking on real-life issues the way it did in 1993-4.
    • 2018 is a lot more permissive, but Octopath is very consistently openly topical.
    • P: This is why I think it’s GotY. In 2018, it swings with the force FFVI did in 1993-4.

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