Day 0 Update #237 – The New Landscape

On this episode of the Day 0 Update: We put a bow on E3. We talk about the big platforms and third parties, and how they’re looking going forward. Plus, our top games of the show. All that and much more!

6/13/2019 Show Notes: The New Landscape

  • Intro
  • Let’s wrap up E3.
    • Microsoft
      • A lot of games, but most for 2020.
      • Scarlett for Holiday 2020 with Halo Infinite
      • Phantasy Star Online 2
      • End of BC, but we got Too Human for free!
    • Bethesda
      • A mostly safe showing.
      • Let’s contrast Todd Howard with Ikumi Nakamura.
    • Ubisoft
      • Lots of Tom Clancy
      • Uplay+
      • Gods & Monsters
      • Watch Dogs: Legion
    • Square-Enix
      • Final Fantasy VII Remake
      • Final Fantasy VIII Remaster
      • Collection of Mana/Trials of Mana Remake (but on Nintendo’s show)
      • Romancing SaGa 3 and SaGa Scarlet Grace
      • Too much time on Avengers
    • Nintendo
      • Excellent showing this year.
      • More 2020 games they usually show.
      • Animal Crossing slips to March for anti-crunch reasons
      • Panzer Dragoon: Remake
      • Contra: Rogue Corps
      • Breath of the Wild 2
  • Post-E3 Storylines
    • E3 is not dead, but the show floor wasn’t looking good.
      • Just about everything that got press came out of the conferences.
    • Are we witnessing the culmination of Yosuke Matsuda’s vision of Square Enix?
      • Matsuda, in 2014, said he wanted to return Square Enix to its JRPG roots
      • Arguably the first-ever Square Enix E3 presser (as opposed to Eidos)
      • SaGa and Seiken Densetsu presented as important parts of the catalog.
      • A very Falcom-esque Oninaki
      • Tomoya Asano and Naoki Yoshida projects we have yet to learn about…
    • Are we seeing the beginnings of a Good Guy Konami?
      • TurboGrafX 16: Classic Edition (Or is that Turbo Duo?)
        • Victor Ireland tried advising Konami on Hudson unsuccessfully.
      • A bombardment of classic collections with plenty of potential for more
      • Contra: Rogue Corps will be a critical release for Konami’s future.
    • Is Switch a ten-year platform? Because it’ll probably have to be.
      • Switch (2017) is effectively both Nintendo’s eighth- and ninth-gen platform.
      • 2020 sees start of ninth-gen in earnest, lifecycles aren’t getting shorter.
      • Nintendo might get away with a 2026 launch for their next platform.
    • Does Sony pay for skipping out on one of the better E3s in recent memory?
  • Our Picks of the Show
    • F: Watch Dogs Legion, Gods & Monsters, Doom Eternal, Oninaki, Ghostwire: Tokyo.
    • P: Watch Dogs Legion, Trials of Mana, SaGa: Scarlet Grace, Oninaki, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Shadowbringers, remakes and re-releases
    • T: ANIMAL GD CROSSING, BOTW sequel, Shadowbringers, Spiritfarer
    • C: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Torchlight 2, Spiritfarer, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Minecraft Dungeons, FFVIII, Link’s Awakening
    • L: DAwg: Dragon Quest XI, Cyberpunk, Ghost Recon, 12 Minutes, Watch Dogs Legion, Link’s Awakening remake   11
  • Who Won E3?
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Day 0 Update #237 – The New Landscape
Day 0 Update

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