Day 0 Update #263 – 2020 Predictions

On this episode of the Day 0 Update: The RDR PC fan port gets shut down by Take-Two. WWE 2K20 stops working on Jan 1st 2020. Grandma Shirly becomes a follower in Skyrim. Plus, we talk at length about what we hope to see in 2020.

01/05/2020 Show Notes

  • Intro
  • January’s PlayStation Plus and Games With Gold Games
  • What Are We Playing?
    • F: PCBS, 4K Waiting Game.
    • P: Street Fighter V, NHL 20
    • B: The Outer Worlds, Witcher III expansions
    • L: Sekrio (new game plus)
  • WWE 2K20 Stops Working on Jan 1st
    • Fix came very quickly.
  • Untitled Goose Game sells a million
  • Red Dead Redemption PC fan project shut down by Take-Two
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo leaks
  • Video series shows of Portal Prequel F-Stop
  • Modders adding gaming grandma into Skyrim
  • Looking ahead to 2020:
    • What we’re looking forward to:
      • F: Doom Eternal, Cyberpunk, Axiom Verge II, Next-Gen systems, 4K
      • P: Next-gen systems, Bravely Default II, King of Fighters XV, SFV: CE
      • B: Cyberpunk (obviously), new Dragon Age, Tales of Arise
      • L: Cyberpunk, Ghosts of Shimmy shimmy, Axiom Verge 2, Bravely Default II, the next gen systems in general. I feel like this is an inflection point in the way that the PS1 to PS2 gen was or the NES to SNES generational switch. DQXII. Some new shit I haven’t heard of.
    • Trends we want to see go away.
      • F: Paid-for early access for Deluxe Editions. Subscriptions.
      • P: Launch patches/broken releases (physical copies dubious at best), excessive ceremony in multiplayer games.
      • B: Crunch times, buggy half-finished releases.
      • L: THAT BULLSHIT with load times. Loot boxes, looter shooters (not everything has to have insane amounts of loot. Come up with something better), launching games that are broken, game design by committee. Arrogant Sony. GaaS in general doesn’t appear to be viable considering the failures we’ve seen happen. Every game trying to be so big it’s the last game you ever play and guaging
    • Trends we want to see continue:
      • F: Good indie games selling well.
      • P: The JRPG revitalization.
      • B: The progression of gaming as a medium.
      • L: Single player games not having multi-player components added to them. General experimentation and twists on genres that we weren’t expecting (like with Disco Elysium) Nintendo being on fire with these releases. Microsoft expanding game pass. People like Phil step up and really lead the games industry away from being what’s good for the company and being what’s good for gamers (cross play, gamepass, etc.)
    • Predictions for 2020:
      • F: Xbox Series X will have the tech lead, but come at a price. Sony banks on PS5 name but will have a weak launch. Nintendo will get their first-party stuff in order and outsell both. Intv Amico will make a bigger splash than expected.
      • P: Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will have a $399 cost of admission, maybe launching a bit earlier than we’re used to (September or October?). PS5 launch accompanied by an unanticipated (at least prior to E3) renewed PSVR push.
      • B: Cyberpunk will come out and please many, piss off a few.
      • L: Same as Pat, I think we will see Xbox Series X Alexa’s brother edition being 399 and the PS5 being 399, with the higher models being 499. The mid gen refresh has shown them that gamers will pay more if there’s a lower sku and a choice. 


Day 0 Update
Day 0 Update #263 - 2020 Predictions