SNK teases The King of Fighters XV reveal trailer

We haven’t really heard much from SNK on the subject of The King of Fighters XV since its reveal two summers ago. While there wasn’t the level of radio silence that inspires speculation of vaporware (after all, the company was quite busy tending to another successful franchise revival in Samurai Shodown), presumably for pandemic reasons, the game ultimately missed its originally planned 2020 release window.

Now, SNK is just weeks away from dropping the world premiere trailer for KOFXV, leading off with a teaser that showcases artwork for five returning fighters: Kyo, Benimaru, Leona, K`, and current main protagonist Shun’ei. Time will tell if we get a release date to go along with it, but with series producer Yasuyuki Oda promising the most ambitious KOF to date, rest assured we’re in for something truly special. After all, this is a franchise that spectacularly eschews the old adage that fighting game stories can’t make sense or remain consistent, all while routinely smashing the 40-character barrier. (The previous game, The King of Fighters XIV, sported a staggering 58-character roster when all was said and done!)

We’ll find out more on January 7th. For now, here’s SNK’s appetizer.