Watch Nintendo’s Switch Presentation right here on SmashPad!

Nintendo’s highly anticipated presentation about its next home console is scheduled in less than a couple hours, and you can watch it right here.

We’ll also be live tweeting the presentation on Twitter on @SmashPad.

You can also follow live impressions from a few of our staff members below.

  • Danreb Victorio, Managing Editor – @DanrebV
  • Chris Selogy, Managing Editor – @cselogy
  • Patrick Mifflin, Senior Editor – @SP_Patrick

In addition to its exact release date in March, Nintendo is also expected to unveil final pricing on both the Switch’s hardware and software as well as its launch lineup.  Rumors have been swirling about games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a port of the Wii U’s Mario Kart 8 headlining the launch, which would be unprecedented as far as Nintendo’s home console launches go.  These questions are most likely going to be answered tonight.

As this article is published, there is already a long line at the Nintendo World Store in New York City, as they’ll be accepting pre-orders for the console early tomorrow morning.

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