Brandon’s Top 10 Games of 2023

If 2023 was anything, it was the year of sequels. Sequels that had been long anticipated, sequels that were announced fairly recently but still expected, and some that simply came out of nowhere. Pretty much all of the major games that came out this year were sequels, and shockingly enough most of them nailed it. Granted, we also had some long anticipated originals that debuted this year that were just…okay (looking at you, Starfield), but mostly this was just one giant rebuke against the hubris of the modern AAA gaming industry.

Either way, here’s my list for the Top 10 games of 2023.

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10. Super Mario RPG (Switch)

OK, this one is kind of cheating as its a remake. But the original was already incredibly solid, and this remake improves upon it, so it still counts.

9. Hi-Fi Rush (Xbox Series X/S, PC)

This game was released without a single lick of fanfare, and spread via world of mouth. An amazing throw back to Saturday Morning cartoons mixed with awesome rthym-based gameplay.

8. Pizza Tower (PC)

Speaking of cartoon throwbacks, this completely insane platformer became a cult favorite due to its wacky (some would say nightmarish) imagery and gameplay reminiscent of old-school SNES games.

7. Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon (PlayStation, Xbox, PC)

From Software went back to their roots with this one, and they added all of the lessons they’ve learned from their Dark Souls series and similar games with it.

6. Sea of Stars (Multiplatform)

It’s a Chrono Trigger throwback by the makers of The Messenger. What’s not to like?

5. Street Fighter 6 (PlayStation, Xbox, PC)

Capcom somehow managed to re-invent the wheel with this one, not only releasing the best SF game in years but making it more accessible to newcomers and veterans alike. Add some amazing new characters (looking at you, Marisa) and you’ve got a real treasure.

4. Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch)

The best Mario game since Odyssey. Nintendo somehow managed to add yet another trick to the old formula and knock it out of the park. Worm pipes, friends. Worm pipes.

3. Alan Wake II (PC, PlayStation, Xbox)

After thirteen years, Remedy finally managed to get the sequel to their cult hit out the door, and it is downright amazing. Part detective thriller, part survival horror, all exhilarating.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Switch)

How do you improve upon a game that basically reinvented the Zelda series? You add more lore and a construction aspect that endlessly rewards player creativity. This game was going to be my shoe in for game of the year until….

1. Baldur’s Gate III (PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox)

There really was no contest. BG3 wasn’t just an amazing game, it was so good that it made every other release before and after it seem lesser in comparison. That’s how good it was, and that’s why it nails my GOTY for 2023.