Checking In with Resogun Challengers (PS4) – 2/11/15

In celebration of next week’s release of the Resogun Defenders expansion on PS4 next week, Housemarque took the opportunity to add some big new features to Resogun to give their fans a new way to play the game in the big update they released today.

Dubbed Resogun Challengers, this update brings with it a new ranking system that ties into the new challenge modes and feats that are the major highlights. The ranking system works as a means of unlocking extra content like concept art and probably some other things that I have yet to see for myself. To reach the next rank, you earn challenge points (CP) by earning medals on special challenge levels based on the base game and the expansion modes along with completing feats. Feats are an additional set of in-game achievements that challenge you to accomplish various tasks as you play the regular parts of the game you’ve been enjoying up to now, which are not retroactive with whatever you’ve done before this new update. In addition to the bigger features, they’ve added a photo mode and a section to let you toggle on a variety of skins for the humans you’re rescuing that you could have earned by playing the game on certain holidays or by buying the DLC that should be out alongside the Defenders expansion on PSN. There are plenty of other smaller tweaks and additions in the Challengers update that you’ll notice when you start up Resogun next and dig into the shiny new menus that have been overhauled to make room for the new features and expansion.