Cook Serve Forever & The Last Starship – SmashPad Demo Fest

We check out some of the demos in the Steam Next Fest event.

Cook Serve Forever by Vertigo Gaming

The latest game in the Cook Serve Delicious series has some good vibes.

Cook Serve Forever is the fourth title in the Cook, Serve, Delicious! series that takes place in a future city as you run a food stand hoping to serve delicious food and make some money. This demo is a preview of the upcoming Early Access launch on Steam in April, so it doesn’t have much to it outside of just going through a stream of quick button presses to make randomly-chosen foods for your customers. It has more of a WarioWare feel in this demo than what I was expecting from what I’ve played of the previous games, but it’s so early that I have no clue if that’s just what this limited slice of the game has to offer right now.

Cook Serve Forever will be out in April for PC in Early Access and will come to consoles when it hits 1.0 at some point after that.

The Last Starship by Introversion Software

Much like the Cook Serve Forever situation, this is a demo for a game that will go into Early Access on Steam later this month and it sure feels like it. This game seems to be like FTL: Faster Than Light in that you’re controlling a ship and hoping to take out the big enemy of the system before the encroaching bad guys reach you. Instead of having prebuilt ships to pilot, you have the ability to place your various systems wherever you want on your ship and buy new weapons and such to bolt onto the ship at merchants in the system. The same goes for managing your resources for your ship crew, which includes oxygen, food, water, ammo, and fuel.

The biggest issue with the demo is that it does not explain how to play the game at any point, so you have to fumble your way into figuring out how to complete the early goals for setting up your ship before you can get started. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since it’s going into Early Access soon and I have to assume that the onboarding process will be something the devs work on for all of the newcomers to the game. I just spent most of the video trying to figure out how its confusing UI worked, how to do most everything I needed to do, and hope that I understood enough to complete the quests I was hoping to complete. Once I did figure most of the game out and died at the big combat quest in the system, I was left with some frustration and some excitement that I’d hopefully do much better with a second run. The Last Starship has a solid core for this early build and I hope Introversion does a great job of fleshing it out during Early Access.

The Last Starship will be out in Early Access on PC sometime later in February. That may be it for platforms for the time being since it’s very focused on mouse and keyboard controls.

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