Day 0 Update #143 – Jump In The Pyre w/ SidAlpha

On today’s show we’ve got SidAlpha on to talk about Steam, YouTube, shady devs, and Pyre! t was a great conversation, and well worth checking out!

7/30/2017 Show Notes – Jump In The Pyre w/ SidAlpha

  • Intro
  • Welcome SidAlpha
    • A bit about Sid
    • The start of the channel.
    • DMCA Abuse.
    • Generally Shady Devs
    • Generally Awesome Devs
    • What Valve has done and what they still have yet to do.
    • The games industry in 5 years. Potential crash?
  • Pyre discussion
    • Narrative
      • A strange world where literacy is a crime.
    • Visuals/Sound Design
    • Gameplay
  • August’s PS+ and GWG lineups
  • Illfonic not abandoning Friday The 13th
    • P: FIX YO SHIT.
  • PUBG to start selling cosmetic items

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Day 0 Update #143 – Jump In The Pyre w/ SidAlpha
Day 0 Update

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