SmashPad Live from GameStop Expo 2013

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Tomorrow, retail gaming giant GameStop will be hosting its annual GameStop Expo at The Sands Convention Center at Las Vegas.

Highlighting publishers attending the convention include both Sony and Microsoft, allowing attendees to be among the first people in the general public to play PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games in person.

I will be reporting live from the GameStop Expo to provide previews and looks at the goings on at the convention.  For up-to-date, first hand reactions, follow @SmashPad and @DanrebV on Twitter.

PlayStation 3

“Beyond: Two Souls” First-Look

“Beyond: Two Souls” Hands-On

“Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII” Hands-On (multiplatform)

PlayStation 4

“Knack” Hands-On

“Contrast” Hands-On (multiplatform)

“The Playroom” Hands-On

Xbox 360

“Ben 10 Omniverse 2” Hands-On (multiplatform)

Xbox One

“Kinect Sports Rivals” Hands-On

Wii U

“Bayonetta 2” Hands-On

“Sonic: Lost World” Hands-On


“The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds” Hands-On

PS Vita

“Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate” Hands-On