SmashPad Streamkend with Beyond: Two Souls – October 12 at 2 PM EST

This week’s featured game is Beyond: Two Souls for the PS3.

Following the success of Heavy Rain four years ago, David Cage and the rest of the team at Quantic Dream set out to tell a new tale that became Beyond: Two Souls. Starring Ellen Paige, Willem Dafoe, and some other notable Hollywood actors, Beyond tells the story of Jodie Holmes’ life as a girl who was born linked to an entity named Aiden, which is something of a spirit from another realm. The game jumps around from Jodie’s childhood with adopted parents to her awkward teenage years at the Department for Paranormal Activity to adulthood as she struggles to find a purpose in her life that is something of an epic once you see how much she’s experienced in her short life. If you’d played Heavy Rain, you’ll have a good idea of how Beyond works as a streamlined adventure game with plenty of action and decisions to make to shape the story in a way that isn’t nearly as obvious as it is in Heavy Rain.

Looking ahead to upcoming shows, I can’t say that I can really commit to any of the upcoming games since nothing is really popping out at me for the next few weeks. Next week’s show is up in the air, so I may do something different next week. For the October 26 show, I’d like to get the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut in to show that off since I’d like to see what that offers over what I’ve played of the original. Going into November, we’re bumping right up again the next-gen releases with the PS4 out on November 15 and Xbox One on November 22. Look for at least a PS4 stream on Friday and Saturday of its release.

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