SmashPad Streamkend with Cloudberry Kingdom – August 3 at 2 PM EST

This week's featured game is the procedurally-generated platformer Cloudberry Kingdom.

The big release for this week was Cloudberry Kingdom, a platform whose levels are all randomly generated to create unique levels each time to keep the experience and difficulty fresh each time that you play the game. The game is broken up into three main modes: The Arcade, Store Mode, and Free Play. The Arcade offers up a ton of levels to play through in various different control modes that changes up how you control your character and challenges you to see how long you can survive. The story mode features some really cool cutscenes to set the tone for just offering some more levels to play through. Free Play lets you tweak some variables for level generation to practice or test your skills to see how good you can be. Despite the marketing focusing on the insanely difficult levels, what you experience early on in the game is much easier and more manageable than what the trailers have shown.

Looking ahead at featured games for the next few weeks, it's a lock that Pikmin 3 will be next week's featured game. I'll probably do some live streaming on Sunday when I pick up my copy, so keep an eye out for that either via Twitter or The August 17 show will likely feature Dragon's Crown since there are two interesting games this week and I'll be getting both of them, so I'd like to spreak those two titles out a bit. The week after that is full of big games, though I'll definitely commit to Saints Row IV for that show since that game interests me the most. The last show of August also has a lot of potential games, though I'll have to wait to see how things turn out before commiting to one game. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming shows.

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