SmashPad Streamkend with Dragon’s Crown – August 18 at 2 PM EST

This week's featured game is Dragon's Crown for the PS3.

The newest game from Vanillaware, the makers of Odin Sphere, Princess Crown, and Muramasa, is a new hack-and-slash RPG in the vein of Golden Axe, but with much more to it than that classic arcade game. As you'd expect from this developer, the high-res 2D art is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly indetailed with a couple of unfortunate instances of overly-elaborate sexy women, which includes two of the six controllable characters that has drawn a lot of ire on the internet since it was revealed a couple of years ago. Beyond that, this game offers a lot of content with new game plus options and four-player local or online co-op to give you a lot to do for the $50 it costs on the PS3, which is also available on Vita for $40.

Taking a look ahead to the featured games of future shows, Saints Row IV will be the subject of next week's show as the new highly-anticipated entry in the Saints Row franchise finally sees release just before the oncoming glut of holiday releases destroys us. The August 30 show will probably feature Madden NFL 25, though I'll be keeping an eye out for a more interesting game for that show from PSN or XBLA. Rayman Legends will likely be the featured game for the first show of September on September 7 with Puppeteer taking center stage for the September 14 show.

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