SmashPad Streamkend with Fuse – June 1 at 2 PM EST

This week's featured game is Fuse, Insomniac Games' latest game.

With the release of Fuse, Insomniac Games has accomplished a number of firsts for the storied developer. This is their first console game released on a non-Sony console and it's also their first non-Sony published console game since Disruptor, which was their very first game. Fuse is a third-person shooter that stars a crew of agents in the near future who are sent out to stop an evil organization from obtaining an alien substance called Fuse. The thing that most interests me is the Echelon mode, which is a successor to Resistance 2's amazing online co-op mode that was a twist on the traditional horde mode by adding MMO-style group quest objectives and classes.

Looking at the upcoming releases again to see what's coming in June, Remember Me is the safe guarantee for next week's show if State of Decay isn't released on XBLA on Wednesday, which could change depending on when Microsoft deems it worthy of release. The June 15 show is a wildcard at the moment since nothing sticks out for me at the moment. Expect to see New Super Luigi U on the June 22 show, as the big New Super Mario Bros. U expansion finally gets released on the Wii U. The June 29th show may see a repeat for Nintendo with Game & Wario's release on the Wii U.

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