SmashPad Streamkend with NCAA Football 14 – July 13 at 2 PM EST

This week's featured game is NCAA Football 14.

This year's iteration of EA Sports' NCAA Football franchise brings with it a few new big additions to make it feel new compared to the last few games. Infinity Engine 2 has been built into the game to get the player collision animations a big overhaul so that tackles and collisions look more natural this year than it has ever looked. The big new mode that has been added is Ultimate Team mode, which is a collectible card mode where you take your randomly-picked teams online to face others or play single-player games for coins to get new packs of cards to improve your team. To add to these big changes, the option system has been greatly improved to make it a better way to play the game along with some big changes to recruiting and coach progression in the dynasty mode that makes those aspects of that mode much better to use.

Unsurprisingly, the next two weeks has nothing of substance to cover for the show, so I'll be figuring out some alternate games to cover for the rest of the month. August should pick it up a bit with the release of Dragon's Crown and Pikmin 3 early on and quite a few other games after that, so this drought should be over in August.

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