SmashPad Streamkend with Sanctum 2 – May 18 at 2 PM EST

This weekend's featured game is Sanctum 2 for the Xbox 360.

Sanctum 2 is the follow-up to a well-received first-person shooter/tower defense hybrid that added some interesting twists of its own to the genre. Besides the console versions, the sequel offers three new characters with their own playstyle, new towers and enemies, four-player co-op, and there's a new RPG-style progression system that gives you more towers and weapons for the next level as you play more of the game. I only just recently played some of the first game in preparation for the sequel, but I definitely have noticed that the original is easier at first since you have a much bigger arsenal of towers and weapons to work with.

Looking at the upcoming release schedule, next week has absolutely nothing worth streaming, so that will be a wildcard show. I will say that I'm expecting an Ouya within the next two weeks, so there will be a special Ouya stream at some point in the near future. As for June, Fuse will likely be the featured game for June 1 and Remember Me will likely be the featured game for June 8. June 15 looks to be another dud while June 22 seems like a good week to feature New Super Luigi U. Rounding out the month with the June 29 show will possibly be Game & Wario, though any of these plans can change depending on release announcements that usually happen closer to launch.

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