SmashPad Streamkend with State of Decay – June 8 at 2 PM EST

This week's featured game is State of Decay for Xbox Live Arcade.

The newest XBLA game happens to be one of the most ambitious releases on the platform in a while, as this open-world zombie survival game provides the sort of experience that you'd expect to cost $60 and be released at retail. Instead, it's a $20 title whose major issues are that the ambitions outweigh the engine's ability to properly bring the experience to life, which tends to be a common issue for many open-world games. State of Decay puts you in the role of a member of a group of people who have banded together to survive the zombie apocalypse that has swept over the world. You must manage your relationships with your people, scavenge nearby buildings to add to your stash of supplies to properly keep your outpost safe, and your own survival skills to navigate the world to avoid running into zombie hordes and taking on what you cannot fight off.

Looking at upcoming releases, Remember Me will probably be the featured game on June 15 since State of Decay pushed it out of this week's show. The June 22 show will likely be the New Super Luigi U expansion for New Super Mario Bros. U on the Wii U, which looks like one of the most interesting DLC expansions that has been released on consoles. It looks like the last weekend of the month will feature Game & Wario, which is a spritual successor to the Wario Ware games.

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