SmashPad Streamkend with Super Mario 3D World – November 23 at 8 PM ET

Mario’s newest adventure on the Wii U is the featured game on this week’s show.

As the next-gen consoles take all of the big headlines for the next few weeks, one of the best games of the year is coming out on a completely different system in Super Mario 3D World. Essentially a sequel to Super Mario 3D Land, a big 3DS release back in 2011, this new game brings that style of 3D Mario onto the big screen with some gorgeous HD visuals and four-player local co-op for the first time in a non-New Super Mario Bros. game. It certainly was disappointing to see that the new Mario game on the Wii U was more of a follow-up to the 3DS game instead of something new for the series like Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy did after Super Mario 64, but the end result of the game that was made seems to be an exceptional Mario game on its own merits.

As you may expect with this show post-Black Friday, the rest of the year will be pretty bleak in terms of big new releases, so I would suggest that we’ll probably look at some big PS4 games and others that we’ve overlooked to fill out the schedule for the rest of the year. Gran Turismo 6 will definitely be the featured game for the December 7 show, but that’s about it for big releases for the next few weeks.

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