SmashPad Streamkend with The PlayStation 4 Preview – November 9 at 2 PM EST

We may not have a PS4 yet, but we can still play some of the games that you’ll be able to get for your PS4 in the next couple of weeks.

We are at less than one week left until the PlayStation 4 launches here in North America, which still honestly surprises me that the PS4 and Xbox One are so close to being in our hands. While we work on some special features leading up to the PS4’s launch on Friday, this week’s SmashPad Streamkend will be covering a number of the games that will be available at launch and soon after in Awesomenauts, Flower, Pinball Arcade, and Trine 2. Awesomenauts and Trine 2 are getting upgraded ports with the additional content that has been created for both on other platforms to make their PS4 versions the ultimate versions to get. Pinball Arcade provides the same set of tables and fun that you can currently get for the PS3 and Vita, though it’ll obviously look much better and will at least offer a discount on the base game and tables if you already own them. Flower is part of a group of PSN titles that also includes Escape Plan, flOw, and Sound Shapes that are receiving 1080p PS4 ports that will be free for those that already own them on PS3 and/or Vita, which is an awesome little bonus for those that wouldn’t mind playing them again. So while I can’t really show off legit PS4 versions of these games just yet, we can do the next best thing and play current-gen versions with a DualShock 4 to make it a close enough experience while we wait for the real things to arrive.

With the PS4 launch on Friday, I’m pleased to announce that we will be doing a launch live stream for the PS4 on Friday evening once I’ve gotten my console set-up and have some things downloaded and ready to go, so that should begin around 7 or 8 PM ET. SmashPad Streamkend the following afternoon will also feature the PS4 as we take a second look at the shiny, new console and its games some more at 2 PM ET.

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