SmashPad’s Top 10 Games of 2015


We cap off this year’s festivities with SmashPad’s overall Top 10 Games of 2015.

This has been quite a good year for SmashPad, as we’ve expanded our offerings beyond this site onto the realms of YouTube and two podcasts that allow us to put ourselves out there in new ways that we haven’t done before due to being a small site that has mostly been based on us buying most of the games we cover. We’ve got myself and Patrick heading up the YouTube channel to get videos out there as regularly as we can while Patrick and Brandon head up our podcasts that let us talk your ears off about games and whatever else interests us.

The site is obviously still a huge part of SmashPad as it houses all of the craziness we can put out there to please your eyes and ears most of the time. We’re looking forward to trying out some new ideas for 2016 to see if we can make more ambitious content and enhance what we’ve already got going on, so stay tuned to SmashPad and its various outlets of content.

Going through this process of putting together our Top 10 Games of 2015 led to some big surprises with a four-way tie at the bottom of the list to make this a Top 11 list… if you want to get technical and make this more complicated than its worth.

We also had a tie at the #2 spot on the list, so there our top three games are more like the Best Game and two runner-ups. If you don’t remember how we decide the overall list of top games, we have every staff member possible write up at least a Top 5 to Top 10 list and score every game accordingly based on the number of titles from 10 to 1 and then count up the points to decide our top 10.

There were some cool stats that arose as I was putting together the list with the most impressive being that all eight lists from the staff members had unique #1 games, which is the first we’ve seen that in the three years of this Game of the Year format.

Our top four games were only separated by three points total with the top three being two points apart, which means that while we had a variety of contenders, there were a few that stood out among the rest.

Dividing it out by platforms for all of the games that made staffer’s lists, PS4 and PC had the most games at 27 titles each. 20 games for Xbox One, nine for PS3, eight on Xbox 360, seven for the Wii U, three on the Vita, two each for the PSP and 3DS, and one game on the Wii out of 38 games total.

Enough nerdy stats, let’s get to SmashPad’s Games of the Year…