SmashPad’s Top 10 Games of 2015

And now, our Game of the Year.

1. Axiom Verge – PS4, PC

“If you’ve ever wanted a new Metroid game, Axiom Verge is the closest you can get right now. It wears its inspiration on its sleeve, have no doubt, but that’s not a bad thing. Axiom Verge is a fantastic example of an auteur crafting a real work of art.” – Filippo Dinolfo, Senior Editor


That’s it. That’s the list. It’s cool to see an awesome game like Axiom Verge get our #1 spot as an expertly crafted game that subverts the expectations everybody had for that game when it started as it rethinks most of the weapons and abilities you expect to get in a Metroid-style game that makes it feel fresh in a way that most of those games don’t attempt to do. We’re excited to see your thoughts on our list and want to hear about the games that excited you the most this year.

We are excited to see how 2016 turns out and hope that we get as many surprises as we got this past year.

Be sure to stay tuned this weekend as we’ll be recapping our Top 10 list during Day 0 Update, with a special announcement coming as well.